Monday, May 2, 2011

Beautiful Monday

Last night, while watching Celebrity Apprentice, and working away feverishly away on orders, a little box appeared soon: President Obama had an announcement to make.

I teared up, when I heard the news. My husband and I watched TV late into the night; our hearts were so very happy, our souls so very very thankful, and our persons so very proud.

Amazing. I am so very very thankful for all the men and women who support our nation, either away, or taking care of things on the home front; for all the children, who understand why mommy and daddy are not home.

What a beautiful weekend! I, gently, explained to my children the news this morning. They were so happy to hear there are still super heroes in the world.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring Look Book- Headband Wraps

When I picture summer, I picture ponytails, long walks in the sunshine, and gardening.

I really wanted to create new items for Heartsmiles this spring, that allowed you to keep with your normal scheduled Summer programming, while still looking stylish and happy!

These new headband wraps are made from a gorgeous light weight wool/alpaca blend. Made with one of my favorite texture stitch work, and of course some Heartsmiles flowers, these headwraps are the perfect summer accessory.

They are versatile and because of the design, are an accessory that can grow with you/your child and be used for years to come.

Keep you eyes peeled for more of these cuties in the weeks to come; available for purchase here.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Celebrating 5

A couple weekends ago, we left our little city in the dust and drove to a bigger city to celebrate this little mans big 0-5!

He may be little, but his size is not a true reflection of the size of life this little guy has lived. This year he will move to his fifth state, his 7th home, his 4th school....

He will discover more about the world, will hide his toys in a thousand more crazy places to drive me nutso, and will dream up more schemes like "wanting to buy paint to paint lighting bolts on Mommy's car"....

He will try, fail, succeed, love, dislike....

He will wake me up at the crack of dawn, like he always does, ready to take on each day. HE was born ready, while my other son knows how to kick up his feet and relax, he takes on each minute of the day with intensity.

He makes my heart happy....

and I am glad he has claimed such a big part of it.

Delightfully Delicate

One of my favorite additions to the shop last spring were the, oh so popular, headbands.

This year we have revamped some things, and now they are cuter than ever. Perfect for tea parties, dandelion picking, carousal riding, and cookies 'n milk eating.

They are simply lush, and can be made for all heads, from sizes delightfully delicate to stunningly sophisticated.
Available here:)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Forward

Been working on some fun products for some fun photosessions featuring some of our New Spring Line!
So excited to be bringing headbands back to the shop. And they are cuter than ever:)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Break Staycation

This week is Spring Break. Which doesn't mean too much when I only have one child in school and for only a half day, but still it has been nice to be without much of a schedule.

This week I am loving these new tags that will be on all accessories (excluding some newborn props). EEK! and I LOOOVE yarn! Crochet/knitting is so awesome because it is a super inexpensive hobby to get started (you just need a hook and some yarn!) and the possibilities are endless> an empty canvas if you will.

I am loving how proud this little man is about losing his training wheels.
I am loving art, cuddles, and a WEE bit of online shopping ;D

I am REALLY loving our new neighbors who keep bringing US tasty treats ----Winning!

I am LOVING the longer days! hello sweet sunshine
I am loving this little guy who was jealous of the cupcakes and wanted some pictures of his own.

I am loving that my husband started his new training in Texas (he is Air Force) and we are dreaming up where we may move next!!

What is making your HeartSmile this week?