Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Break Staycation

This week is Spring Break. Which doesn't mean too much when I only have one child in school and for only a half day, but still it has been nice to be without much of a schedule.

This week I am loving these new tags that will be on all accessories (excluding some newborn props). EEK! and I LOOOVE yarn! Crochet/knitting is so awesome because it is a super inexpensive hobby to get started (you just need a hook and some yarn!) and the possibilities are endless> an empty canvas if you will.

I am loving how proud this little man is about losing his training wheels.
I am loving art, cuddles, and a WEE bit of online shopping ;D

I am REALLY loving our new neighbors who keep bringing US tasty treats ----Winning!

I am LOVING the longer days! hello sweet sunshine
I am loving this little guy who was jealous of the cupcakes and wanted some pictures of his own.

I am loving that my husband started his new training in Texas (he is Air Force) and we are dreaming up where we may move next!!

What is making your HeartSmile this week?


  1. Hey there! Im a fellow "indiebizzer" My husband is AF as well and we recently moved from TX. We were in Del Rio (personally not my favorite place in the world). Good luck in your travels!

  2. Meeting you this week has made my heartsmile.. hehe. Doesn't that sound like an awesome pick up line? ;)