Sunday, February 20, 2011


Hi there!!
Welcome to the new Heartsmiles Blog!!

Here you will find new info about Heartsmiles, as well as my chance to get to know all of YOU better!!

I am a military wife, and mother of two young boys. We have been moving a LOT lately, and our current digs are in a small Texas city.

We packed up right after Christmas, after celebrating in our empty home, --->CRAZINESS

and made the road trip down to our new home. We will be moving again at the end of this year and we are so excited to find out where we will go next.
But besides moving and being the head CEO of our family, I like to crochet and make things. Small obsession with YARN over here :D :D :D

I love paying special attention to details, having a happy heart, AND I have a yarn fetish *blushing*! And that is where Heartsmiles was born:) I picture the girls and women who wear my items to be twirling around in front of the mirror, and the boys to rockin' out and having fun:)

So i hope you stick around and chat with me!!

The internet is a powerful tool:) I love how much inspiration is at our fingertips, how easily friendships can be made, and the sense of community that can be created:)


  1. Ooh. I love your site. And seriously? How cute are you? {I'm assuming that's you driving the car. ::snort::}

  2. omg.. u are beautiful.. and your blog is gorgeous! Welcome to blogging! xo

  3. Your blog looks great, I can't wait to read all your future posts! I can't wait to be in Indie 3.0 together!

  4. AMAZING! I just got access to the Indie Biz flickr account today and I stumbled across your post about to blog or not to blog and all I can say is I'm floored. Your blog is beautiful and I'm so glad you decided to let your voice be heard in blogland. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! What a debut and I'm looking forward to seeing more:-)